The Model Project

We're currently working on the first step in our journey toward the new economy we envision. Inside a single building in Fair Haven, multiple naturally synergistic businesses will co-locate. Through research partnerships, technological and process innovation, and open-source innovation challenges, this model project will become a zero-waste ecosystem of businesses.


Location - Fair Haven

We can think of no better place to put down roots than Fair Haven. The neighborhood is teeming with diversity, artistic energy, and a mixture of long-time residents and new families, many of whom share a deep love of the place they call home. At the same time, there is a shortage of opportunities for many residents to share in the prosperity and economic development taking hold in adjacent neighborhoods. The model project and the companies that comprise it will be shaped by and deeply invested in the community of Fair Haven as we seek to build an economy in which everyone has a chance to fulfill their potential.


The first business to locate at the model project site will be a brewery. Breweries across the country are gathering places for local communities, and present a unique opportunity to bring people together. The brewery at A Tipping Point will push the limits of what it means for a business to be a positive member of its community - starting with a commitment to hiring from within Fair Haven and inviting residents into every aspect of its creation and operation. With an expert brewer from Colorado, you can be sure there will be creative beer that goes well beyond IPAs.

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Coffee Roaster

What's better than a neighborhood brewery? Having a coffee roaster in the next room. As part of the second phase of the model project, we will be looking for the right entrepreneur to build a coffee roastery committed to sustainability, community, local jobs, and authentic impact. If you know someone who might be the right person to take this on, contact us!

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Indoor Farm

The final core component of the model project is perhaps the most unique - a farm... inside. Also part of phase two, this farm will focus primarily on growing mushrooms. If you're interested in learning more, or if you know someone with the expertise to take this part of the project on, contact us!

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