Drivers of Change: The New IPO

The IPO – or Initial Public Offering, in Wall Street speak – has historically been a way for “the public” to purchase ownership in a company and benefit from what was projected to be its meteoric rise. 

This version of the IPO is failing to produce the pathway to equitable wealth and opportunity that (theoretically) it was meant to provide as part of the “American Dream”.

A year or two ago, I was sitting at a local pub with a couple of my best friends. They were trying to describe my approach to ATP and the world in three words (I must have been working on an application or profile at the time). After much laughter and conversation, three rose to the top:

Idealism. Pragmatism. Optimism.

These seemingly contradictory words struck me as incredibly accurate and necessary – not just for me, but for anyone seeking to enact system change.

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